Nonprofit Organization Institute Of The Solar Boat

ntroduction ? Project of the Restoration of Second Solar Boat ?

Sakuji Yoshimura
Director of Institute of the Solar Boat
Professor Emeritus, Doctor of Engineering, Waseda University

The civilization of ancient Egypt originated along the Nile around 3000 BC. I have continued to investigate there for half a century. In 1987, I discovered the Second Solar Boat on the south face of the Great Pyramid of King Khufu. In 1993, I successfully sampled a wooden piece from the boat. Unfortunately, I was forced to stop the research by short of funds. Then, Akio Nitori, the President and Representative Director of Nitori Co., Ltd. and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan have supported our project. Finally in 2008, I managed to restart this project. The Solar Boat was discovered and will be reconstructed by Japanese. It is a human heritage. I appreciate your support.